Grief Unexpressed

Higher than most
You will gaze down,
Forever a ghost
Wearing a frown,
I sit and stare
At pictures in frames,
You’re never there
Feel nothing but shame,
I laugh and I joke
At trauma gone by,
You left me to choke
On tears that I cry,
Scars inside and out
They never shall fade,
A child of doubt
Your absence has made,
I wanted to see you
To say my goodbyes,
To help me through
This life I despise,
As long as I love you
You’re never gone,
Don’t know if that’s true
Been told it all along,
So reality is breaking
My walls falling now,
Is happiness worth faking?
If so show me how.
My mental disorder
Is secret to all,

I sit on the border

And try not to fall.



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